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Algunas comparaciones

In this section we include a comparison of how many units of different goods and services represent a specific amount of CO2 emissions. Simply enter the amount you want to compare and the system calculates the amount of food, transport, clothing and pet food that these same emissions represent. This will help you compare the emissions caused by different activities.

Enter the amount of CO2e you want to compare and hit enter:
kgCO2e imply the following amounts:
0,00 L of drinks0,00 km by petrol car0 Pairs of shoes0 Days of food for a small dog
0,00 kg of meat0,00 km by diesel car0 pairs of sneakers0 Days of food for a medium dog
0,00 kg of sweets0,00 km by electric car0 jeans0 Days of food for a big dog
0,00 kg of fresh fruits0,00 km by gas car0 T-shirts (cotton)0 Days of cat food
0,00 kg of vegetables or legumes0,00 km by coach 0 Shirts (cotton) 
0,00 kg of fish0,00 km by train0 Sweaters (wool) 
0,00 kg of nuts0,00 km by plane0 Synthetic coats